PCB Magazine (L535xW530xH563)


Product Description

PCB Magazine (L535xW530xH563)

Model: COP-809

Inline SMT PCB Magazines are designed for storing and transporting Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Built for Easy Operation and Maintenance with Quick Adjust Lever Locks, ESD Surface and 50 Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) Capacity.


Storage Capacity: 50
PCB Slot : Width - 5mm Depth – 3.5mm Pitch – 10mm
PCB Size : 535*(50 --460)mm
Top & Bottom Board: Metal
Lever Lock Quick Adjust
Surface Resistance : 10 to the 4 – 10 to the 6 Ω
Weight: 12.7 Kgs
Max Temp: 80 °C


Includes 1-Year Factory Parts Warranty