PCB Wave Input Conveyor 610mm


Product Description

PCB Wave Input Conveyor 610mm

Model: WI-610

Inline SMT PCB Wave Input Conveyors are designed to transport Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) into a Wave Solder Machine.  Built for Easy Operation and Maintenance with Adjustable Conveyor Angle, Hand Crank Width Adjust, Adjustable Speed Control and Adjustable Height Standard.


Conveyor Track Length: 1 meter
Number of Drive Sections: 1
Transfer Speed: 0-10 M/Min.
PCB Width: 50mm – 610mm
PCB Length: 50mm – 1000mm
Crank Width Adjust
Adjustable Incline Angle
Panasonic Adjustable Speed Control / Motor
120 Volts


Includes 1-Year Factory Parts Warranty